How I Make My Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansing has been my favorite part of my skincare routine. I look forward to switching up my oils, to creating my little concoction and apply the smooth oil to my face to break down my makeup. It has made my life/skincare routine so much easier. Switching from a makeup remover towelette to oil cleansing... Continue Reading →

Pre-vacation Self Care Routine

Vacations when Adulting and going through motherhood hit differently than vacations when I was a teen. For instance, I used to burden myself with overpacking my whole vanity of makeup to bring with me on vacation. I needed options and I needed to look my very best. Caking my face and eventually breaking out whilst... Continue Reading →

Baby’s First Beach Trip: Video Diaries

Baby Grayson has finally been introduced and experienced the cold Oregon beaches himself, specifically Cannon Beach, OR. One Saturday morning I woke up before my husband and Grayson (which is rare, Grayson is usually waking me up!) I woke up, took a shower, made some coffee, did my daily devotions and I then proceeded to... Continue Reading →


Welcome to my first blog post of Books and Blushes! My name is Lien (lynn) Hudson. I'm so excited to share my favorite beauty and fashion products as well as share memories through vlogs. But first, a little about me.. I've started Books and Blushes because? I started my blog because I wanted to share.... Continue Reading →

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